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    Construction of Deliberative Democracy:The Unique Advantage  and Leading Path of Social Organization
    KANG Xiao-Qiang
    2015, 49 (9):  5-12.  DOI:
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    Social organization is an important subject and social foundation of deliberative democracy construction Compared with other subjects,such as political parties,government and Peoples Congress,the social organization deliberative democracy construction have four advantages including the industry,the professional,the third party and connecting the social root To strengthen the social organization deliberative democracy construction is the inherent requirement to stimulate the vitality of the society,which embodies the strategic orientation of the modern state governance In the future we should deepen the ideological value identity,approach to the organic unity of the leadership of the CPC and deliberative democracy,strengthen the organic unity of building social organization deliberative democracy and maintaining social stability,in order to improve the validity and legitimacy of deliberative democracy construction

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     New Development Trend of the Relations between Industry  Associations and Government under Direct Registration
    XU Jia-Liang,HAO Bin
    2015, 49 (9):  13-19.  DOI:
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    The relationship between industry associations and government is the key factor for the survival and development of industry associations Under the dual control system,the relationship between the government and industry associations has shown the governmentled characteristics With the promotion of decentralization of government power,the rise of the government purchase of service from the industry associations and the changes of the market economy under the new normal,the direct registration policy will guide the relationship between government and industry association gradually to the direction of such aspects as law,contract,less administration,moderate competition and comprehensive regulatory system This reflects the new trend of the relationship between government and society,which is conducive to the industry associations to play its role in promoting the establishment of a new market economy  

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    Subject Identity Reconstruction of Nonprofit  Organizations under Cultural Governance
    PAN Na
    2015, 49 (9):  20-27.  DOI:
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    The reconstruction of the subject the nonprofit cultural organization is not only related to the reorientation of the nonprofit organization,but also related to the identity transformation of the organization form The reconstruction of subject of the cultural nonprofit organization should have a overall layout and collaborative propulsion In the three dimensions of government and society,government and market,society and market,we need to sort out the main types of function and position of different subjects,accelerate the delinking of the official social organizations and administrative organizations,to vigorously develop the third party supervision mechanism  

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    The Necessity and Policy Recommendations of  Chinese NGOs  “Going Abroad”
    DENG Guo-Sheng,WANG Yang
    2015, 49 (9):  28-34.  DOI:
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    With China s comprehensive national strength growing,enterprises “going abroad” and “Onebelt and Oneroad” strategy being proposed,the Chinese government and enterprises play an increasingly important role in the international governance system CKSHowever,Chinese NGOs,which are still lagging behind with lack of influence and recognition in the international arena,plays a very limited role in the international governance systemThis article believes that the current Chinese NGOs strategy to “go abroad” is not only necessary but rather urgentFollowing an analysis of the current situation of “going abroad” of Chinese NGOs and the challenges it facesIn fact,weak NGOs,with lack of support from government and missing public recognition are the major obstacles of Chinese NGOs to “go abroad”The article further studies the strategy of the United States and Japan to promote NGOs to “go abroad”Finally,the paper will propose recommendations of Chinese NGOs “going abroad”

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    Several Problems about the Comprehensive  Deepening of Reform in New Period
    HONG Yin-Xing
    2015, 49 (9):  35-39.  DOI:
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    The current comprehensive deepening of reform is not only the continuity but also creation of the reform of the past 30 years The reform of the new period is still focused on the economic system reform The important role of the economic system reform has three aspects:firstly the market plays a decisive effect in the allocation of resources,secondly the institutional arrangements for the government to play a better role,the third is to uphold and improve the basic economic system The comprehensive
    deepening of reform is a topdown push and it needs to cultivate the reformmomentum To benefit peoples livelihood is an important way to mobilize the power of reform and its path is concentrated in three aspects:the first is to promote fairness and justice,the second is to narrow the income gap,the third is the equalization of basic public services

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    The Transformation of China s  Economic Growth and Return of Reform Thinking
    ZHOU Wen-1,CHEN Yue-2
    2015, 49 (9):  40-47.  DOI:
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    China s economy has achieved a miracle of growth since the introduction of reform and opening up more than 30 years ago But with the Chinese economy entering the period of the New Normal,various social conflicts and contradictions have also appeared due to the accumulation of various contradictions in the longterm economic development This indicates that China s economic growth is facing challenges and it needs to cultivate and find a new impetus to economic growth To this end,we have to maintain and respect for the individual rights,as well as releasing the vitality of the individual power On the other hand,we should make clear the boundaries of the government,the market and the social power and build the institutional framework of the sound operation of government,market and society

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    The Cultural Logic and Capital Logic from the Perspective of Marx
    HU Xiao
    2015, 49 (9):  48-55.  DOI:
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    How to understand the relationship between cultural logic and the logic of capital is a difficult problem for us to understand the cultural construction This problem was actually concerned by Marx himself Marx believes that cultural logic is about the inherent law of the production of spiritual culture The cultural production will be included in the capital movement when it serves the production of surplus value At the same time,Marx expounded indepth the thinking methods of dialectical logic including the dialectical relations between “the logic of thing itself”,the real life and the concepts,as well as the unbalanced rules of spiritual,cultural production and material production Marx has left an important ideological resources for us today to understand the relationship between capital logic and cultural logic

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    The Thought of Human Study in the Vision of Marx s Practice
    WEI Jin-Hua
    2015, 49 (9):  56-61.  DOI:
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    Marx s theory of human beings has brought up a new interpretation of the nature of man It pointed out that practice is the realistic foundation of the realization of human nature,which embodies a fresh new way for the development of human study Marx s thought of human study has surpassed the philosophical paradigm of the traditional binary opposition between the subject and the object,which established the theory of human study of the unified subject and object on the basis of the practice of human activities Marx s theory of human study has opened up a new direction of philosophy research,which reflected the deep humanistic care of philosophy for the world and accomplished a great revolutionary change in the development history of human studies

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    The State View and Realistic Logic in Critique of  Hagel s Philosophy of Right
    XIN Xiang-Yang
    2015, 49 (9):  62-70.  DOI:
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    Critique of Hagel s philosophy of right is the starting point of Marx s founding of his sate theory Marx put forward his own theory of state through developing Hagel s theory of the state such as state is the reality of the ethics ideology Marx believed that the political state is determined by the civil society,while civil society is determined by the “industry classes” The political state of the civil society is to maintain the system of private ownership,which should establish a democratic system of the people s sovereignty through a real revolution According to Marx s new state theory,we should promote the modernization of national governance system and our governance capacity,pay attention to the cultivation of citizen s political quality,adhere to the people s sovereignty and facilitate people to have more access and participation in state affairs

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    On the Security of Political System in the Process of National Modernization
    LIN Yi,HAN Dong-Xue
    2015, 49 (9):  71-80.  DOI:
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    Political system security is an important category of national security In the new period,the discussion on the security of the political system can not be just confined to the traditional framework of political science and international relations theory but should be carried out in a wider range of subjects and in the view of history and culture as well From multiple angles of selfprotection,development and reform,inheritance of specific cultural values,this paper investigate various elements affecting the political system security in the process of modernization,and gives further analysis both in theory and practice concerning political system security  

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    An Analysis on the Three Dimensional Power  Operation System on the Basis of Rural Governance Modernization
    DAI Yu-Qin
    2015, 49 (9):  81-87.  DOI:
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    In current Chinese rural politics the theory of governance requires the scientific regulations of rural community governance concerning the distribution,operation,interaction and changes of each power subject,so as to form the power relations of mutual promotion Township administrative power,the political power of the Chinese Communist Party branch and village autonomy power are the three main powers in the current rural political field The modernization of rural governance requires the scientific regulations of the operationof these three kinds of powers and their operating principles The contents of these regulations include:the clear distinguishment of the power boundaries,regulations of the role of these powers,the integration of the purpose of these powers and so on  

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    Technology s Geographical Changes and Spatial Expansion of Capitalism  ——Analysis From the Aspects of Technology Diffusion
    SUN Shao-Yun-1,GAO Wen-2,HE Zhao-Peng-3
    2015, 49 (9):  88-95.  DOI:
    Abstract ( )   PDF (5927KB) ( )  

    Based on the perspective of growth convergence, in this paper it studies the geographical changes of technology and capitalism spatial expansion Through the research, this paper considers that the inherent law of capital accumulation forces the capitalism expanding in space which is always associated with the geographic changes of technology, and finally promote the undeveloped countries to achieve economic growth and catch up the developed countries in the ideal condition This paper also summarizes the four dimensions of technology diffusion: trade, capital export, economic crisis and political factors, and points out that those undeveloped countries who wants to catch up in the short term should not only make good use of these factors but also of the technological innovation of their own

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    On the Fragmentation of Life World and its Ontological Critique
    XU Zhi-Hong
    2015, 49 (9):  96-104.  DOI:
    Abstract ( )   PDF (6329KB) ( )  

    The fragmentation is a kind of strong feeling of modern people Based on the phenomenon,this paper retrospects the history of the fragmentation and finds its two steps,ie,the fragmentation of labor world and then of life world,which indicates capitalism as the inner logic of the history Afterward,the paper tries to discover the ontological crisis hidden in the fragmented life by asking what people losing skill and experience will be and do Finally,we try to analyze the nature of the fragmentation by means of the different but supplementary programs given by Karl Marx,Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger,and to see if it is a necessary history stage for human being to own more freedom

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    Cybernetics and IR theory:Content,Effect and Future
    ZENG Ya-Yong
    2015, 49 (9):  105-112.  DOI:
    Abstract ( )   PDF (5718KB) ( )  

    System Science which rised in the middle of twentieth century has a great influence on the international relation theoies,and the cybernetics is a typical representativeBut until now,some crucial relative theoretical questions have not been answered speciallySo,this article will firstly introduce the main content of cybernetics which includes systematic thought,information thought and behavioral thoughtAnd,this aticle will take Kenneth Waltzs structural realism,Karl Deutschs communication theory and John Sterinbruners decision cybernetics theory for example to explain the key effects exerted by cybernetics on the IR theoriesThen,this paper will point out the possible development direction of the international relation cybernetics thoeryThe first is the adaptability of cybernetics on international relation theoryIt is an essential complement of the former three theoriesThe second is the priority of cybernetics as to the complexity scienceThe later is another branch of system science and represents a new developing trend in international relation theoryThe third is the instructive significance of the core conception of cybernetics—adaptive behaviorI hope it will promote the rethinking of international relation theory

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